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A clean portfolio of disturbing images.
Jamey Lord Photography | JameyLordPhotography.com

JameyLordPhotography.com is a great example of the ease of a CMS like Drupal. In this case, photograpger Jamey Lord approached us to give him a web presence. Like a surprisingly large number of artists, Jamey had an extensive resume and a fat portfolio, but no website on which to showcase it all. Therefore, all of his work was via word of mouth, and he had no way to further market his talents other than a business card. Drupal was a great way to provide Jamey with an easy template to showcase his work. Being a total laymen when it came to having any sort of webmastering knowledge, we were able to easily consult Jamey on how he could take over the controls of his site after we finished designing, building and incorporating it with content.

For Jamey, the ease of Drupal enabled him to easily manage all the beautiful photos in his portfolio. At the end of the day though, Jamey is just happy that, after 7+ years of having no website, he finally decided to contact someone like us, and now, after only 7 days, he has JameyLordPhotography.com to show for it.