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O-Girl Obsession | OgirlObsession.com

Designing the O-Girl Obsession site was our first foray into the adult friendly world of fetish films.  Working together with acclaimed bondage photographer Jim Weathers, we helped him develop and design a micro-site for his upcoming movie The Adventures of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession.

The film is a campy homage to the superheroine characters of the Adam West Batman series of the 60s.  Jim is leading the charge in this field with state of the art sets, renown super-fetish models like Christina Carter, Kendra James, Randy Moore and Emily Addison, and a feature length story shot on the industry's top cameras.

The main purpose of the site is to allow Jim and his wife Julie to have hands-on access to the tools they need to update content, write new blogs, upload photos, videos and more. Coming from his previous site, BondageCafe.com, Jim was used to working with Dreamweaver, a frustrating process.  Now using Drupal, Jim and Julie have found maintaining their new site can actually be enjoyable.