Suit-Up Scene

A website about the movies you actually want to watch.
Suit-Up Scene | was an exciting opportunity to work on a site that celebrates movies. In fact, it celebrates them so much that the entire website is dedicated to a very small yet passionate sub-category called the "suit-up" scene.  Ever see that tell-tale scene in most action movies, where the hero straps on his gear and you are granted to macho close-ups of grenades being secure, guns being loaded, boots being strapped, etc?  Well, operates as a database of these scenes, cataloging actors, run-times and even included items (such as cigars, throwing knives, sunglasses and more) It's the bastard younger brother of the IMDB!

Incorporating hysterical write-ups, thorough screenshot galleries, and even YouTube embedded sample videos, is easily one of our most interactive sites. Fans even have the option to set up an account so they can comment on the reviews, blogs and even post on a message board.