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If you're looking for the ideal example of a site that utilizes all the services Fantombox provides, then look no further than  Created in 1999 by Dennis Widmyer, months before the cult movie Fight Club was released in theaters, the site started its early days with a Microsoft Front Page back-end and a URL.  Yes, this was still the 'wild west' days of the internet.  In 2003, Dennis joined forces with Kirk Clawes and together, with his expertise, slowly began transforming the site into a robust engine that would service Chuck's fans with everything from a forum, a store, daily blog updates and even a ground-breaking writers' workshop.

But it wasn't until 2008 when Kirk decided the site should make the move to a Drupal interface that Dennis was able to fully realize just how hands-on his webmastering duties could become.  Since that day the two have never looked back, and in a lot of ways, and the opportunities it provided, is what eventually led to the creation of Fantombox and a mission to give the same tools for success to more people.