Online Marketing Campaign Management

Let's start with a quick reality check, folks!  Google AdWords is the online advertising model that changed the Internet.  In 2008, it netted Google $21 billion in advertising revenue.  The model is simple:  an advertiser bids on a group of pertinent keywords.  Then when someone searching the net on Google types those words in, your ads have a chance to show up next to the search results.  If the person decides to click your ad, you pay the bid price on the keyword they typed.  This ad then drives relevant traffic to your website or landing page.  With Pay Per Click (PPC) you only pay when a person clicks your ad.

The concept is simple but AdWords is a complex system. Many of our AdWords clients come to us after setting up an account and spending money on ads without seeing results. Many people think that the more money you spend on AdWords and the higher your bids, the more successful you will be. That is not how AdWords works. You need a well-organized Campaign broken down into specific Ad Groups with unique themes and relevant keywords. Keyword bids need constant monitoring and adjusting as the current first page bid price fluctuates. Low search volume keywords must be weeded out. The words you use in your ad affect its position on a page, which can help our hurt you campaign's success. Fantombox can manage all of this and increase your converisons while keeping costs down.

The below video shows an example of a successful AdWords campaign that helped turn around a small business.

Besides AdWords, we specialize in MSN adCenter (newly combined with Yahoo! Search Marketing) as well as Facebook ads.

Some of our Online Marketing Campaign services

  • Set-up and activation of your campaign
  • Restructuring and orginization of an existing campaign
  • Research, analysis and creation of a strong keywords list for you
  • Competitive analysis of top advertisers in your field
  • Google Analytics insights
  • Set up and activation of Goals and Conversion tracking
  • Landing page conversion form installation (example)
  • Weekly status reports
  • Monthly campaign reports
  • Email and phone consultation

Let us get to know you, your brand and your product and together, we can help jumpstart your campaign.  Contact us today!