Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part to the life and exposure of any website.  A recent article described a website without SEO as a pretty brochure you have spent thousands of dollars to have designed, but rather than mailing it out or sharing it with potential clients, you leave it sitting in your office. You only show it to co-workers, friends and family that ask for it, or know where to look for it stashed behind your file cabinet.

This is a fitting analogy for a website without SEO. Put simply: if a person can’t find your website via one of the major search engines, it is virtually invisible.

With a combined 10+ years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Fantombox is more than capable of optimizing your website so it's easy for your target audience to find you. We use advanced techniques to make sure your site appears in its most effective state when crawled by search engine bots.  Everything from standard meta practices to proper Flash implementation, alt text, and copy writing are implemented to insure long-tail exposure and success with your site visitors.

Fantombox will employ key strategies including creating important meta descriptions, keywords and the proper use of H1 tags and title bars to efficiently and properly catalogue your site in major search engines.  Here are some of the tactics we use when implenting your SEO plan:

  • Competitive Analysis

    • Understand how your competitors are performing against you.
    • See where you place on major search engines for important keyword phrases.
    • Measure your monthly/yearly traffic score.
    • Perform monthly ranking reports and ongoing maintenance if needed.
  • Site Architecture

    • Restructure your web site’s architecture for the most relevant user experience.
    • Create a new navigation and site map for optimal search engine indexing.
  • Site Copy

    • Rewrite page copy for viable keyword phrases.
    • Revamp key sections to increase your ranking on top search engines.
    • Improve organic keyword traffic referral to your site.
  • Analytics

    • Track visitor trends to your site and all its sections.
    • Find out how long visitors stayed, what pages they visited most, and best of all, how they found your site on the net.
    • Perform monthly reports and ongoing service if needed.
  • Backlinking

    • Improve your Google PageRank with outside links to your site.
    • Increase traffic to your site with growing page referrals.
    • Backlinking is available on a monthly basis only.

Like what you see? Contact us today to discuss a package that works for you.  Our rates are very competitive and we don't lock you into any long term contracts.