Social Media Consulting and Management

How do I set up a Facebook page? My company has a Facebook page, but what do I do to engage the people who "Like" me? How can statements of 140 characters or less grow my business? What the hell is a Twitter?  Isn't YouTube for uploading videos of my cats?  If you're looking for answers to these questions, keep reading!

The birth of social media is perhaps one of the most important developments in online promotion for companies and websites across the net.  The significance it can have on your brand can simply not be denied.  In a other words, it's the holy grail of marketing.

Fantombox can help you navigate the exciting world of social media in three steps.

  • Create a social media strategy that works for your brand.
  • Set up and manage your Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube account(s).
  • Create useful and engaging content and promotions to garner friends, followers and viewers.

The landscape has changed.  Social media can operate and serve many facets of your business now, such as customer service; being more interactive with your audience; engaging your users with contests and fun activities; and most importantly, putting some personality into your brand. Here's some more info on why social media is important and a rundown of the major players.

If you're interested in either starting a social network campaign or jumpstarting a pre-existing one, Contact us today!  If you're still not sure, take a history lesson and keep readin' below.

Social Media 101: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


Digital Buzzrecently reported that, as of 2011, Facebook had over 500 million users and is used by one in every 13 people on earth.  A study conducted by Exact Target showed that 69% of all Facebook users are a fan of one or more company Pages.  To cap this off, another study by Social Media Examiner showed that 92% of all marketers are already using Facebook.  

So the question is: are you?

If not, then you're sorely missing out on a lucrative component of marketing your business.  If you are using Facebook, you might want to learn how to use it more effectively.  It can not only change the way you interact with your audience, but can also prove to be one of the biggest sources of profit maximing in your marketing budget.


And then there's Twitter.  What started as a glorified RSS feed for web junkies with OCD has evolved into the third most popular social network on the Internet.  Twitter's ridiculous ascension has already become legendary.  One year ago, they were celebrating 50 million tweets a day as a landmark statistic. Currently, that stat has risen to 150 million tweets a day.

The web moves quickly and Twitter is a reflection of the need to know "What's going on right now?" through real-time status updates.  If your company doesn't have a presence here, it's invisible to a ravenous userbase.  Twitter is also a wonderful way to have a person on your team be in charge of answering customer service questions, updating people on the big changes to your company and brand, promote products and most important, engage your visitors.  


Many people don't inititally think of YouTube as a 'social network.'  But it is perhaps one of the most important ingredients for promoting your brand. Radio, print, and yes, television advertising, are dying beasts, bleeding in the dirt of a forgotten forest.  

The new domain for video advertising is YouTube.  Don't believe me?  Let me put it like this: more video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all 3 major US networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) created in 60 years.  This makes YouTube the most watched network for video in the world.  

But don't just think of YouTube as a source to upload promotional videos. Also realize that YouTube lets you create channels, build a network of subscribers, monitor comments and ratings, and most importantly, share your content through handy embed features on almost any site on the net.

With tools like this and over 2 billion views being exceed everyday, YouTube is a social network you can't afford to miss.

If you're convinced social networking is for you, don't hesitate, Contact us today!